One Night with the Valkyrie

One Night with the Valkyrie

Falling for the immortal warrior princess…

While tracking down his beloved brother, billionaire Adam Lyon is struck dumb by a vision of a beautiful woman in armor. But when this vision comes to life, she turns his entire world upside down. Adam soon discovers that valiant Valkyrie Maja is a dream come true, but their passion violates the gods’ laws.

Maja brings heroic souls to Valhalla, so why did she spare one mortal man’s life? Not only does that violate Odin’s orders, but she soon finds herself swept up in an illicit desire for sexy Adam. Battling to save their very lives, the CEO and the shield maiden find their forbidden love hangs in the balance—as does the fate of the world…

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Copyright © 2017 Jane Godman
All rights reserved

Grasping her wrist, he pulled her closer. “I don’t care what you do. Let’s leave my brother out of whatever the hell is going on in my screwed-up head.”
Squirming to break free of his hold, she was conscious of his superior strength. Despite his injury and the pain he must be in, he held her easily.
His nearness was having the strangest effect on her. Although she was still struggling to escape, she was no longer sure getting away from him was what she wanted. A strange sensation was sweeping through her, a combination of lassitude and excitement. The warmth of his touch seemed to seep into her bones. As Adam drew her toward him, she faced a decision: keep fighting, or give in to the promptings of her body. His lips were inches from hers, the smile that flitted across them too tempting to resist. Slowly, enjoying the flare of surprise in his eyes, she lowered her head and kissed him.