What Does the Arctic Smell Like?

Like most authors, my search history makes interesting reading. I write romantic suspense, paranormal romance and erotic romance. I’m often trying to find unusual ways for my characters to kill or f**k each other.

But one of my most usual searches recently has been ‘what does the Arctic smell like?’. I’ve never been to the Arctic, but the heroes of my new six book series are Arctic werewolves, and scent is very important to a wolf.

The answers ranged from ‘nothing’ to a surprising variety of scents. People who have lived in the Arctic Circle and moved away remember an evocative range of smells from lichen and berries to Tiilaqait tea and Salmonberry ice cream.

So, in my books, that’s what the Arctic smells like. More importantly, that’s what my Arctic werewolves smell like to each other…